Explore With Me

Explore With Me

I’m am your spiritual tour guide and the courses on this page are your passport to Paradise. Each offering is a shamanic or spiritual journey into the sacred and is an opportunity for healing. Whichever you choose is the perfect choice and may unlock for you the love, the deep breaths, the relief, and the freedom you are seeking.

Grab your passport and explore the world of perfect love and perfect trust!

Go on a personalized journey with Amara into Paradise. This passport takes you to the land of promise, where you discover your true nature as pure light.

House Blessing

Clear the energetic cobwebs in your living space that might be holding you back through this beautiful ceremony in your home.

Passport To Health

Go on a healing journey with Amara. This passport takes you to the land of perfect health, where you are whole, healed and holy.

Upcoming Group Events

Passport to Prosperity

Board the Abundance Bus:
Journey Begins February 10, 2024

A 40-day journey in virtual sacred space from rags to riches. Each day the program will unlock short videos, lessons, and activities

Freedom School

Next Group: Starting Tuesday, Mar. 5, 2023

An 8-week journey in virtual sacred space that will help you clear the underlying mental clutter that causes physical clutter so that you can finally get organized!

The Ancient Healing Way

We are all healers, born with the innate ability to perform miracles.

“Shaman” School includes 24 online lessons, virtual check-ins, 5 in-person mini-retreats in Flemington, NJ, and a 3-day healing retreat in Cape May, NJ. These may be taken a la carte or as a six-month program. 

We have been trained to believe that healing happens over time and often with medical intervention. Tribal healers know a different way — to work with spiritual law and the energy body to perform miraculous and sometimes instantaneous healing.

“Shaman” school teaches healers to heal themselves and others using wisdom from across the globe and time. Using shamanic trancework, our five physical and four non-physical senses, and a variety of cross-cultural healing practices, participants will learn to bring balance into their lives and release physical symptoms by working on their underlying spiritual and emotional causes. 

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Messages from the Goddess

Winter Solstice – First Light
Saturday, Dec. 23, at 6 p.m.

Join the Full Spectrum Magic Lab in ritual space to turn the Wheel of the Year and bring more Light to this swiftly tilting planet…

Meets at the solar holidays. Click below to join FaceBook Group for event updates. 

Ancient Wisdom Shamanic Study Group

Bear Medicine – Wednesday, Dec. 27, 7 p.m.

Trinity’s Magickal Intentions
53 Main St., Toms River, NJ

A shamanic experience in sacred space. Calling on Spirit to guide us as we journey to peace and bliss.

The study group will explore the basic shamanic journey, as well as trance posture, power animal journey, use of a spirit canoe, and the nature of the Upper, Middle, and Lower Worlds.

Workshop will be presented 4th Wednesday of each month.

Pre-registration required.

Possibility Posse

First Light
Thursday, Dec. 21 at 10 a.m. ET

You can re-create the world anew every day. With a rockin’ group of amazing souls who have banded together to inspire and encourage, you can lead the most audacious, creative, powerful, successful life you could ever imagine and then some.

Meets the 1st & 3rd Thursdays at 10 a.m. ET

I personally invite you to play and explore a life of health, wealth, and happiness, with me as your Spiritual tour guide. You are entitled to a life of joy, peace, wholeness, and abundance.