What I Do

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Amara is available for public speaking engagements

Amara Willey is a spiritual thought leader, healer and teacher. She helps people de-clutter their lives, believing that physical clutter and dis-ease is the reflection of mental, emotional, and spiritual chaos. Over the past decade, since being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, she has been on her own healing journey and exploration of food as medicine. For the last few years, she has made a hobby of reducing the use of plastic.

Take a healing or spiritual journey with me!

I believe that we are all Spirit expressing ourselves in physical form for a little while. When we forget Who We Are, our physical environment tends to become disorganized in the form of dis-ease and clutter.

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We are Light beneath the skin — star stuff, Creators — inhaling and exhaling with the Universe, with prana, the breath of God. Whatever good you can imagine, can be yours — perfect health, prosperity, a peaceful home, loving relationships. We are the magic that creates a state of heaven in our lives, when we begin to wake up to our relationship with Source. This can take years of spiritual practice or can happen in a Holy Instant. The choice is yours.

Most of us don’t realize how powerful we are. How could we? We’ve been indoctrinated with negativity, violence, judgment, and fear from the time we are little children. But life doesn’t have to be that way. Life can be easy and fun. I would like to infect you with love and joy, and remind you of Who You Are.